Bastille Days Milwaukee 2024

Milwaukee’s Bastille Days is one of the largest French-themed celebrations in the United States, drawing more than 250,000 visitors to Cathedral Square Park each year. This free, four-day festival, which runs from July 11 to July 14, 2024, is a vibrant homage to French culture, featuring live music, an international marketplace, delectable French and Cajun cuisine, and lively street entertainment.

French Connection in Milwaukee

At first glance, Milwaukee might seem an unlikely host for the largest Bastille Day celebration in North America. However, the city’s rich history as a former French fur trapping station and the election of Frenchman Solomon Juneau as its first mayor highlight its deep French roots. These historical ties are proudly celebrated each year during Bastille Days.


Festival Highlights

This year marks the 38th anniversary of Bastille Days, promising an array of exciting events and activities for attendees.

Storm the Bastille 5K

One of the festival’s most anticipated events is the “Storm the Bastille” 5K run/walk. Thousands of participants will take to the streets, reenacting the historic storming of the Bastille in a lively and energetic race through downtown Milwaukee.

Mardi Gras-Style Parade

The festival also features a vibrant Mardi Gras-style parade, complete with colorful floats, lively music, and enthusiastic performers. The parade is a nod to the festive spirit of French culture and is a must-see for attendees of all ages.

International Marketplace

Cathedral Square transforms into an international marketplace during Bastille Days. Visitors can browse a variety of vendors selling unique goods, from French-inspired art and crafts to gourmet foods and beverages. Street performers add to the lively atmosphere, entertaining crowds with their talents.

New Feature: Love Locks Sculpture

This year’s festival introduces a new and charming feature: the “Love Locks” sculpture. Inspired by the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, this locally-made sculpture invites couples to attach locks inscribed with their love messages. It’s a beautiful symbol of love and commitment, adding a touch of Parisian romance to the event.


Bastille Days in Milwaukee is more than just a festival; it’s a celebration of French culture, history, and community. Whether you’re running in the Storm the Bastille 5K, enjoying the parade, or shopping at the marketplace, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The festival’s free admission ensures that it remains accessible to all, making it a beloved event for locals and visitors alike.

So mark your calendars for July 11-14, 2024, and join the fun at Cathedral Square Park. Experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of France right in the heart of Milwaukee. Vive la France!


How long is Bastille Days in Milwaukee?

Bastille Days in Milwaukee lasts for four days from July 11 to July 14, 2024.

Why does Milwaukee celebrate Bastille Day?

Milwaukee celebrates Bastille Day due to its historical ties as a former French fur trapping station and the election of Frenchman Solomon Juneau as its first mayor.

What is Storm the Bastille in Milwaukee? 

Storm the Bastille in Milwaukee is a 5K run/walk where participants reenact the historic storming of the Bastille.

What is the French event in Milwaukee?

The French event in Milwaukee is Bastille Days, a large festival celebrating French culture with live music, an international marketplace, French and Cajun cuisine, and street entertainment.

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