Summerfest 2024 Tickets

Summerfest Passes

Experience the magic of live music across multiple festival stages, where each note adds to the soundtrack of your adventure. Tickets kick off at just $28, offering you an affordable entry into a realm of musical delights and so much more. As, we have already mentioned that summerfest 2024 tickets price starts from $28.

Just a heads up, though—your festival ticket or pass won’t get you into the American Family Insurance Amphitheater shows. If you’re eyeing those, head over to to snag your Amphitheater show tickets. The main stage awaits, and the experience is about to unfold—secure your spot and let the music take you on a journey!

American Family Insurance Amphitheater Tickets
Summerfest host the hottest stars in the music industry. If you’re eyeing concerts in the American Family Insurance Amphitheater, here’s the lowdown: a separate ticket is a must. But here’s the cool part—your Amphitheater ticket not only grants you access to the night’s star-studded event but also includes admission to Summerfest on the same day. So, soak in the vibes of all the festival stages during the day before making your way to the Amphitheater for the main event under the night sky.

Now, here’s the inside scoop: You can only snag authorized American Family Insurance Amphitheater tickets through Artist fan clubs, the Summerfest Box Office, and Oh, and for parents out there, note that all kids aged 3 and older need a ticket for the Amphitheater. The little ones, two years and younger, catch a break—they don’t need a ticket but should be cozy on a parent or guardian’s lap. Strollers are a no-go in the Amphitheater, so pack those up before heading to the main show. And for a worry-free experience, we strongly recommend parents deck out their kiddos with some hearing and eye protection.

Premium Experiences
Elevate your day to new heights by opting for our exclusive reserved seating and viewing deck choices. Craft your festival experience on your own terms, and then seamlessly transition to your reserved seat just in time for your favorite headliner to grace the stage. Whether you choose the advanced purchase seating at the BMO Pavilion or the Summerfest Level Up deck at the Miller Lite Oasis stage, you’re in for a premium festival adventure. Enjoy top-notch comfort and unobstructed views, ensuring your festival moments are nothing short of extraordinary.

Secure the ultimate convenience with Summerfest lots, strategically positioned closer to the gates than any other parking spot. You’ve snagged your ticket to the hottest show in town, but don’t let the excitement distract you from grabbing your parking pass. It’s the key to hassle-free access and proximity to all the festival action. Just a heads-up: your parking pass purchase doesn’t cover admission to the festival, so make sure you’ve got both your ticket and parking pass for the complete Summerfest experience!

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