Tyler Childers Summerfest 2024 Tickets

Tyler Childers, accompanied by his longtime band, The Food Stamps, will bring his highly anticipated Mule Pull ’24 tour to Milwaukee on Friday, June 28. The performance will take place at the iconic American Family Insurance Amphitheater, promising an unforgettable evening of music.

Event Details

  • Event: Summerfest 2024
  • Headliner: Tyler Childers
  • Guests: S.G. Goodman and Adeem the Artist
  • Date: Friday, June 28, 2024
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Venue: American Family Insurance Amphitheater

The Mule Pull ’24 Tour

The Mule Pull ’24 tour is set to showcase Tyler Childers at his best, featuring songs from his extensive catalog as well as new material. Fans can expect an electrifying performance filled with raw emotion and musical prowess. Childers’ collaboration with The Food Stamps adds an extra layer of depth to his live shows, making each concert a memorable experience.

Special Guests: S.G. Goodman and Adeem the Artist

Adding to the excitement of the evening, S.G. Goodman and Adeem the Artist will join Childers as special guests. S.G. Goodman, known for her hauntingly beautiful voice and thought-provoking lyrics, will bring her unique sound to the stage. Adeem the Artist, with their distinctive blend of Americana and indie influences, will also captivate the audience with their engaging performance.

American Family Insurance Amphitheater

Located in Milwaukee, the American Family Insurance Amphitheater is renowned for hosting some of the biggest names in music. With its state-of-the-art facilities and picturesque setting, it provides the perfect backdrop for a night of unforgettable live music.

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