Lollapalooza August 2 Lineup | Lollapalooza Friday Tickets

Lollapalooze August 2, 2024, promises an unforgettable day at Lollapalooza with a stellar lineup that features a mix of chart-topping artists and emerging talents. Here’s a rundown of the acts that will light up the stages on Lollapalooza on August 2nd:

Lollapalooza Friday Lineup


SZA: The multi-talented singer-songwriter will captivate the audience with her soulful voice and hit tracks.

Stray Kids: This popular South Korean boy band is set to make their Lollapalooza debut, bringing their energetic performances and fan-favorite songs to the festival.

Notable Performances

Laufey: Expect an enchanting set from this Icelandic singer-songwriter, who will also perform a special set with the Chicago Philharmonic.

Reneé Rapp: Known for her powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence, Reneé Rapp is sure to deliver a memorable performance.

Zedd: The electronic dance music maestro will get the crowd moving with his electrifying beats.

Faye Webster: This indie artist’s unique sound and heartfelt lyrics will resonate with festival-goers.

Victoria Monét: The singer-songwriter will showcase her impressive vocal range and captivating performance style.

Sexyy Red: Get ready for a high-energy show from this rising hip-hop star.

Galantis: The dynamic duo will bring their infectious dance tracks to the stage.

Loud Luxury: Known for their catchy tunes, this Canadian duo will keep the energy high.

Diverse Talents

Kevin Abstract: A standout in the alternative hip-hop scene, Kevin Abstract’s performance is one to look forward to.

Raye: This British singer-songwriter will charm the audience with her pop hits.

Megan Moroney: Her heartfelt country songs will add a touch of Americana to the festival.

Ruel: The young Australian artist will impress with his soulful voice.

Alok: A leading figure in electronic music, Alok’s set is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Qveen Herby: Expect a bold and unique performance from this genre-defying artist.

Veeze: This up-and-coming rapper will bring his distinctive style to the stage.

Rock and Alternative

In This Moment: Their theatrical rock performance will be a highlight for metal fans.

Noizu: This DJ will bring the house down with his energetic set.

Wilderado: Their indie rock sound will appeal to a wide audience.

Ryan Beatty: Known for his emotive music, Ryan Beatty will deliver a captivating performance.

Malcolm Todd: His fresh sound and engaging performance are not to be missed.

Lola Young: This British artist will impress with her soulful vocals.

Militarie Gun: Expect a powerful punk rock set from this band.

Emerging Artists

Geese: This indie band is one to watch, bringing fresh energy to the stage.

Blu DeTiger: Known for her bass skills and pop tunes, Blu DeTiger is sure to impress.

Wisp: This artist’s unique sound will add a special touch to the festival.

VCHAP: Bringing a blend of styles, VCHAP will captivate the audience.

PawPaw Rod: His smooth sound and charismatic performance will be a treat.

Tiny Habits: Expect an intimate and engaging set from this emerging group.

The National Parks: Their folk-pop sound will resonate with festival-goers.

DJs and Dance Acts

TWINSICK: This DJ duo will keep the party going with their energetic beats.

Xandra: Bringing fresh electronic sounds, Xandra will get the crowd moving.

GUDFELLA: Known for his high-energy sets, GUDFELLA will be a highlight.

Unique Performers

sundial: Their innovative sound and performance style will stand out.

Godly the Ruler: Expect a unique and commanding performance.

Tommy Richman: This artist will bring a distinctive flair to the stage.

Ava Maybee: Her impressive vocals and performance skills will captivate the audience.

McKenna Grace: Known for her acting, McKenna Grace will showcase her musical talents.

Cale Tyson: His heartfelt country tunes will add depth to the festival.

Kaliii: Expect an engaging and memorable performance from this rising star.

Fifteenoeight: Bringing fresh sounds and energy, Fifteenoeight is one to watch.

Brandi Cyrus: Known for her eclectic style, Brandi Cyrus will deliver a standout performance.

With such diverse and exciting performers, Lollapalooza 2024 August 2 Lineup is set to be a day filled with unforgettable music and incredible performances. Be sure to catch your favorite artists and discover new ones at this iconic festival.

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