Lollapalooza August 3, 2024 Lineup; Lollapalooza Saturday Tickets

Lollapalooza continues to thrill music lovers with an exceptional lineup for August 3, 2024. Here’s a preview of the performances scheduled for this exciting day:

Lollapalooza Saturday Lineup

The following artists will perform on Saturday, August 3, 2024


The Killers: Known for their anthemic rock hits, The Killers are set to deliver a high-energy performance that will resonate with fans of all ages.

Future & Metro Boomin: This dynamic duo will bring their unique blend of rap and production, promising a captivating set filled with chart-topping tracks.

Skrillex: The electronic dance music pioneer returns to Lollapalooza, ready to electrify the crowd with his signature dubstep beats.

Rock and Alternative

Deftones: Prepare for a powerful and immersive set from these alternative metal legends.

Tate McRae: With her emotive voice and relatable lyrics, Tate McRae will connect deeply with the audience.

IVE: This rising K-pop group will captivate fans with their synchronized performances and catchy tunes.

Killer Mike: Known for his sharp lyrics and impactful messages, Killer Mike is sure to deliver a memorable performance.

Indie and Pop

TV Girl: Their nostalgic indie pop sound will be a refreshing addition to the lineup.

Hippo Campus: This band’s upbeat and melodic tunes are perfect for a summer festival.

Four Tet: Expect an innovative and atmospheric electronic set from this acclaimed producer.

Ethel Cain: With her haunting vocals and storytelling, Ethel Cain will mesmerize the crowd.

Cannons: Their dreamy pop sound will provide a perfect festival vibe.

Kenny Beats: Known for his versatile production, Kenny Beats will bring a unique set to the stage.

Briston Maroney: His blend of rock and folk will resonate with a wide audience.

BoyWithUke: This internet sensation will charm with his ukulele and heartfelt songs.

Romy: As part of The xx, Romy’s solo work is sure to impress with its emotional depth.

YOASOBI: This Japanese duo will bring their captivating J-pop sound to the festival.

Emerging Artists

Josiah and the Bonnevilles: Their heartfelt folk tunes are sure to strike a chord.

Destroy Boys: Expect high-energy punk rock from this exciting band.

Leisure: Their laid-back, funky sound will be perfect for a festival setting.

Eyedress: Known for his genre-blending style, Eyedress will deliver a unique performance.

Dora Jar: Her eclectic music and captivating stage presence are not to be missed.

Nia Archives: Bringing her fresh take on jungle and drum and bass, Nia Archives will get the crowd moving.

Jyoty: Expect an engaging DJ set from this rising star.

Tanner Usrey: His country-infused rock will provide a refreshing contrast.

Friko: This band’s indie sound is sure to win over new fans.

Quarters of Change: Known for their energetic performances, they will keep the crowd entertained.

Armani White: Bringing his vibrant hip-hop style, Armani White is set to impress.

Natalie Jane: Her pop sensibilities and strong vocals will captivate the audience.

HAPPY LANDING: Expect a fun and lively set from this emerging band.

Ahadadream: His eclectic DJ set will add to the festival’s diverse musical offerings.

Brigitte Calls Me Baby: With their catchy tunes and engaging performance style, this band is one to watch.

Lollapalooza August 3, 2024 Lineup

DJs and Dance Acts

Infinity Song: Their harmonious and soulful performances will be a highlight.

Sam Nelson: This talented artist will bring a fresh sound to the festival.

Will Linley: Expect a captivating performance from this rising star.

Hayes Warner: Her unique blend of styles will add a dynamic touch to the lineup.

Tommy Newport: Known for his catchy and funky tunes, Tommy Newport will deliver a memorable set.

Savannah Ré: With her smooth R&B sounds, Savannah Ré is sure to impress.

Xandra: Bringing energetic electronic beats, Xandra will keep the crowd dancing.

Skream: A pioneer of dubstep, Skream’s set will be a must-see.

Benga: Known for his influential role in the dubstep scene, Benga will deliver a powerful performance.

Nightly: This band’s catchy pop-rock tunes are perfect for a festival setting.

Dasha: Her engaging performance style and catchy songs will win over the crowd.

August 3 at Lollapalooza 2024 is packed with an incredible array of talent, ensuring an unforgettable day of music and entertainment for all attendees.

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