Milwaukee Brewfest 2024

Milwaukee Brewfest is back for its 2024 edition, promising to be bigger and better than ever. Scheduled for Saturday, July 27th, at the scenic McKinley Park on Milwaukee’s lakefront, this highly anticipated event will bring together craft beer enthusiasts, local breweries, and visitors from near and far for a day of tasting, entertainment, and community spirit.

A Brief History of Milwaukee Brewfest

Milwaukee Brewfest has been a staple in the city’s event calendar since its inception in 2010. Celebrating its 15th year, the festival has grown exponentially, cementing its place as one of the premier beer festivals in the Midwest. Brewfest not only showcases Milwaukee’s rich brewing heritage but also highlights the city’s vibrant craft beer scene, which has flourished over the past decade.

What to Expect at Milwaukee Brewfest 2024?

Over 300 Craft Beers

At the heart of Milwaukee Brewfest is its impressive selection of craft beers. Attendees will be able to sample over 300 beers from more than 100 local, regional, and international breweries. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs, smooth stouts, crisp lagers, or experimental brews, there’s something for every palate.

Local Breweries and Homebrewers

Milwaukee is home to a burgeoning craft beer scene, and Brewfest is the perfect place to discover local talent. Breweries such as Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee Brewing Company, and Good City Brewing will be present, offering a chance to taste their latest creations. Additionally, homebrewers will showcase their innovative brews, giving attendees a glimpse into the future of craft beer.

Live Music and Entertainment

Milwaukee Brewfest is not just about beer; it’s a full-fledged celebration with live music and entertainment throughout the day. Local bands and DJs will keep the energy high with a mix of genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. There will also be fun activities and games, making it a perfect outing for friends and families alike.

Food Vendors

A variety of food vendors will be on hand to complement the beer tastings. From classic Wisconsin cheese curds and bratwursts to gourmet food trucks offering diverse cuisines, plenty of delicious options will satisfy your hunger.

Educational Sessions

Brewfest will feature educational sessions and panel discussions for those interested in learning more about the craft beer industry. Brewers and industry experts will share insights on beer making, the science of brewing, and trends in the craft beer world. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to deepen your appreciation and knowledge of craft beer.

VIP Experience

For an enhanced Brewfest experience, consider purchasing a VIP ticket. VIP ticket holders will enjoy early entry to the festival, access to an exclusive tasting area with limited-edition beers, and complimentary food pairings. The VIP area offers a more intimate setting to interact with brewers and fellow beer enthusiasts.

Tips for Attending Milwaukee Brewfest 2024

Arrive Early

To make the most of your Brewfest experience, plan to arrive early. This will give you ample time to sample a wide range of beers, attend educational sessions, and enjoy the entertainment without feeling rushed.

Stay Hydrated

With so many beers to taste, it’s important to stay hydrated. Water stations will be available throughout the venue, so make sure to drink water regularly to keep yourself refreshed.

Plan Your Tasting

With over 300 beers to choose from, it’s helpful to have a game plan. Start with lighter beers and work your way to the heavier, more robust brews. Don’t forget to take notes on your favorite tastings!

Use Public Transportation

Parking near McKinley Park can be limited, so consider using public transportation or ride-sharing services to get to and from the festival safely.


Milwaukee Brewfest 2024 is set to be an unforgettable celebration of craft beer, community, and local culture. With an extensive selection of beers, live entertainment, delicious food, and educational opportunities, this event offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or just looking for a fun day out, Milwaukee Brewfest is the place to be this summer. Mark your calendar for July 27th and get ready to raise a glass to the best of craft brewing!

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